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I've been feeling off lately. Not even sad, just completely strange. Like... you know how your mind drifts somewhere when you're not thinking about anything else? Like, it can be anything, usually it's the same few things that just sort of alternate so that you don't get bored? Well, for some reason my mind isn't settling in those happy spots. It's strange. It's like the opposite of the usual "inability to relax" syndrome because usually, if I can't relax, it's because too much is on my mind. Now it's because nothing is. It's like I can't space off!! How is it that I can't space off!? I always space off. Well, maybe I'll be more focused at work, at least.

Grabbed dinner with Ide-san again today. Still not much news about this girl he's seeing. We were early enough for happy hour this time! I think I like tsukune too much. He likes the chicken livers... I don't know, they taste like metal.

Hmm, maybe that's the solution, come up with a new thing to think about idly. Food! Yeah, right, like I need that. I wish my apartment allowed a hibachi.

I saw Inception! And DAMN what a mindfuck. :) Makes you wonder if any plane of existence is a true one. Scary if there isn't a true "reality" but... you know, that's kind of cool, because if you get good enough, you get to pick which plane you exist in. I don't know if I'd want to completely leave a world though, even if I could dream up a world where everything was the way I wanted it, because even if I changed one thing for the better, something else would have to give. I want to jump back and forth between worlds, that way I can have everything!

But I think the point is that you can't do that and still be sane, so I should just stop talking.

EDIT: PS Ellen Page is adoooooooooraaaaablllllllllllllle also I read that apparently she has lots of out-of-body experiences, or vivid sleep hallucinations or something, and that the movie hit way too close to home. Wow!
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