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...Not her, too. I can't even... I thought this was over.

It's unbelievable the amount of pain that kid brought upon everyone close to him. How can anyone think that's okay? How can you destroy everything around you and expect support from the people you hurt? You get so hung up on making an impact on the world that you forget you make an impact on those closest to you. When that's gone, you're useless. Each of us is only one person; you need more than that to take on the world, if it's possible to do that at all. But people won't side with you if they see you're capable of cruelty. And people especially won't side with you if it's proven that they can't trust you. Well... except her, I guess. But I'm willing to bet she knew what she was dealing with. When she did know, I mean. She had no idea what everything meant at the end, did she? She couldn't remember. She didn't have the book, Mikami did. She couldn't have even known why she even met Light in the first place, let alone why she was in love with him. I can't imagine how horrible that must be, not remembering falling in love, and being trapped in it later without knowing why.

The speculation is disgusting. "Oh, what may have caused it?" "oh, movie stars are always depressed," "oh well it was probably an overdose; that's what they all do, isn't it?"

They have no idea. They have no goddamn idea. Sure, it'd be a lot easier to just take everything as a story and be done with it, but these are real people, real human beings. They did it when Takki died, and now they're doing it to Misa-Misa. And they know she jumped off the building, and they're still saying it was drugs. She never touched anything like that. I can't even imagine it. She drank, and that's it. ...Maybe that was part of it, actually. I wouldn't want to feel the fall, either. I guess they'll find out when they examine her.

And it was that building, that's what gets me. She picked that hotel. Nobody knows what that means, they think it's random, they don't know. But... people all over the world are mourning her. It's all over TV and it infuriates me, and yet I can't stop watching it all. Maybe it's just taking media overload to actually make me believe it happened. And at the same time, I'm not surprised at all. It's just... that was the last of it. It better be the last of it; I don't even want to think about... no. They're fine. They will be fine.

And it's kind of ironic, actually. There are some people speculating that it was Kira, and they're all being shot down for being stupid, because Misa did nothing wrong, Misa even supported him after the tragedy with her parents, Kira would have no reason to kill her. And meanwhile, they're the only ones that are right.

Aizawa let Mogi go home early today.


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