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HAHA well I guess the easiest way is to do one of those dumb surveys...

About Me

Name: Touta Matsuda
Nicknames: Matsu
Birthday: December 14
Current location: Japan
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Tattoos: Haha no.
Piercings: Nope.
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius... and Horse
Your best physical feature: Gosh, I don't know. I've been told my smile.

Love Stuff

Have you been in love before: Haven't YOU? :)
Have you had your heart broken: Yes.
Have you knowingly broken someone else's heart: No.
Would you date someone outside your race: Sure!

Opposite Sex

Hair color: I usually like brunettes, but blondes are hot too. XD
Eye color: Green is reeeeaaaaally pretty.
Height: Doesn't matter.
First thing you notice (physically) about the opposite sex: Hair, eyes, smile...
Favorite cologne/perfume: Oh, I dunno. I like shampoo.
Hot/cute: Cute... with a secret hot side! ;D


Type of pizza: Hawaiian
Type of weather: Warm and breezy
Colors: Yellow, blue
Food: Katsudon
Alcoholic drink: Beer!
Singer/group: Aaaaah, I can't decide... I like pop music too much ._.
Ice cream flavor: Red bean
Vacation spot: Beach
TV show: Celebrity gossip or sitcoms
Scent: Food frying...
Music: Anything up-tempo, usually, I'm not picky on genres.
Season: Summer
Thing to do on a half day: Half day? Heh... I guess watch TV
Late night activity: Watch TV....
City: Oh, Osaka's FUN...

Do you...

Smoke: Maybe once or twice a hear, hahah. Don't think it counts.
Drink: Yeah!
Drugs: Nooo. Well... college was college...
Danced in the rain: Yes
Kissed in the rain: Yes
Cheated: No
Been cheated on: I never really found out... :/
Kissed someone that wasn't single: Only before I was informed..... PEOPLE DON'T TELL ME THINGS.
Thrown your shoe at someone: No. Wait... yes, in third grade.


Do you believe in yourself: I try to!
Do you want to get married: Definitely.
Have you ever wanted to die: Escape, yes; die, no.
Have you seen someone die: Yes...
Have you gone swimming in an ocean: Yes.
Do you like thunderstorms: As long as I'm not trying to sleep!!
Have you ever cried in public: Yes
How long does it take you to shower: Fifteen minutes or so
Do you swear: Not usually, but with alcohol... XD
Can you sing: Sort of... but with alcohol... lol
Country you would most like to visit: Mmmm, Mexico or Italy.
Worst fears: Rejection, being alone
Items on your desk: An empty soda can, a half-eaten bag of shrimp crackers, computer stuff, stapler, a devil ducky
Things that scare you: When everything is solely dependent on ME... and still I wish for those opportunities

This Or That

Dog or cat: Both, but probably dog.
Comedy or horror: Comedy!!
Rap or rock: Rock
Reality or sitcom: I... I can't... decide........
Coffee or cappuccino: Cappuccino is a great treat. :)
Coffee or tea: Ah, if it's just plain coffee, I'm indifferent; I could have coffee or tea.
Text message or phone call: Whatever's more convenient at the time.
Pool or ocean: Hmm. I like swimming in pools, but sitting by the ocean.
1% or 2% milk: Uh, whole.
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla?
Sing or dance: Who's asking? XD
Sun or moon: Sun.
Day or night: Day
Jeans of shorts: Shorts
Music or TV: MUSIC ON TV

Word Association

Yellow: Happy
Hot: Cinnamon
Lipstick: greasy
Strawberry: bite
Rose: smell
Memory: cherish
Mail: stamp
Flip: flop
Celebs: gossip
School: work
Time: limit
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